KBC Tag line #KabTakRokoge – Starting soon

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Be the first to catch an exclusive premiere of the first look of the show KBC 2018. Before the start of the show we will have a great premiere of the show. This time we are coming with an exclusive Tag line #KabTakRokoge. We have launched a video to show how #KabTakRokoge suits the show.

About KBC #KabtakRokoge Campaign:

We always feels that we got discouraged when we want to move forward. The Title suggests that we need to Boost ourselves.

Odd Situations can be turned in favour by the quote #KabtakRokoge. The Promo defines a Soul.

The first Promo of the KBC season 10 launched on 23rd of July. The Video has hot 800K Views on Facebook and kbcliv. Viewers can play KBC Game online and win Passes to KBC Audience at the studio of KBC. However, If you want to win money sitting at your home then make sure to bookmark KBC Question Today page & KBC Play along as we will update them daily with answers.

KBC first look premiere 2018

KBC promo 1

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