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KBC Game – 6 Sept – Food items has different varieties

Ques: Which of these food items has different varieties such as ‘Suji ka _______’. ‘Aate ka _______’, ‘Moong dal ka __________’ and ‘Gajar ka _______________’?

A. Sharbat

B. Halwa

C. Pakora

D. Chaat

Ans : B. Halwa

KBC Game – 6 September – Question 1

Ques: Which film personality was awarded the 2018 Dadasaheb Phalke Award posthumously?

A. Shashi Kapoor

B. Om Puri

C. Vinod Khanna

D. Lekh Tandon

Ans :C. Vinod Khanna

Varun Dhawan on the sets of KBC for Sui Dhaaga promotions- 6th Sept 2018

Hey guys, Are you a die-hard fan of Kaun Banega Crorepati? Are you looking for KBC Today’s latest news and updates? Do you want to know Which celebrity will come on the set of Kaun Banega Crorepati aka KBC?

If yes, then you are at the right place. As here I’ll tell you some latest news regarding KBC 2018. So, Basically, In this post, I’ll tell you the name of that celebrity who will come on the set of KBC Today for his film promotion.

So, without any further ado!!! Let’s get started….

Actually, Today Varun Dhawan will come on the Sets of KBC for Sui Dhaaga (Hindi Film, 2018) Promotions. Varun Dhawan in an Indian Actor who mainly appears in Bollywood films. He is popular for his great performaces in Karan Johar’s film Student Of The Year.

Varun Dhawan on KBC for sui Dhaaga promotions

Varun Dhawan on KBC for sui Dhaaga promotions

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KBC Day 3 – Ques-According to WHO, which disease has been completely eradicated from the world by vaccination?

Ques : According to WHO, which disease has been completely eradicated from the world by vaccination?

A. Measles

B. Polio

C. Mumps

D. Smallpox

Ans : D. Smallpox

KBC Question Today: Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Today Question 5th sept, 2018

Hey guys, Are you looking for the KBC GBJJ Today Question? Are you searching for the KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Today Question? Would you like to know KBC Today’s Question 2018?

If you have all these queries in your mind then don’t worry guys here I’ll solve your all queries by providing you KBC  Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Question for 5th september 2018 KBC Today Question.

Guys, KBC Season 10 is about to start and mostly people are excited about KBC GBJJ Contest 2018. You can play this contest easily with the help of your mobile. All you just need to participate in this contest. Once you participate in this contest you can easily win 1,00,000/- (One Lakh Rupees) daily by giving a simple answer to Today Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Question.

KBC 10 Registration Form, Date & Other Informations

So here below you’ll get the KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Today’s Question(5th september 2018).

Today GBJJ(Ghar Baithe Jeeto Question)

So, Ghar Baithe Jeeto Question(GBJJ) Today Question Is,

Question:- The multi-nation tsunami mock exercise (drill) “IOWave18” has started in which of the following oceans?

Options Are given Below:- 

  • A. Pacific Ocean
  • B. Southern Antarctic Ocean
  • C. Indian Ocean
  • D. Atlantic Ocean

You just need to give the correct answer to above Question. If you will be selected then you’ll be rewarded by Amitabh Bachchan and they give you Rs.1,00,000/- as a prize money.

So, just read out the Terms & Condition of KBC GBJJ Contest 2018.

Terms & Condition of KBC 10 GBJJ Contest:

1. Prize Money:- The prize money for KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto jackpot Winner is Rs.1,00,000/- (One Lakh Rupees).

2. Time Limit:-  If you did not give your answer till 6 pm then your answer will not be considered valid and will not be submitted.

3. Winner Selection:- The name of the winner will be selected with help of computerized Lucky Dray Method.

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KBC Question – Which Indian State had India’s first Muslim woman chief Minister?

Ques : Which Indian State had India’s first Muslim woman chief Minister?

A. Kerala

B. Jammu & Kashmir

C. Goa

D. Assam

Ans : D. Assam

Syeda Anwara Taimur (Assam) was the first Muslim woman Chief Minister.

KBC Question – Which is the largest joint in the human body?

Ques – Which is the largest joint in the human body?

A. Elbow

B. Hip

C. Knee

D. Shoulder

Ans : C. Knee


Jio KBC Play Along – Play KBC Game & Win 10 Lakh Now (2018)

Jio KBC Play AlongHi friends, Do you like to watch KBC and want to participate in KBC Play Along Contest? Are you looking for KBC Play Along Apk for you mobile? Are you searching for KBC Play Along App Download Link? Would you like to know “How to download Jio Chat KBC App”?

If you have these types of queries then don’t worry friends, as here I’ll tell you each and every thing about KBC Play Along. Not only this, you’ll also get the KBC Play Along App Download Links which help you to download Jio KBC App on your mobile.

As you know that Jio KBC Play Along is a part of Jio Chat App in which a lot of contestants play a Quiz game and win various KBC Play Along Prizes.

Basically, it is an online game which allows you to play Jio KBC Play Along with KBC Live Episode. To play this game you have to download Jio Chat App. With the help of this Chat App, you can easily play KBC Online along. The App will display you the Questions which is asking Amitabh Bachchan during the Live Episode, Means it shows you the real-time Questions.

I know most of the people have come here while searching for KBC Play Along Apk Download Link. So if you are searching this then Stop searching Now!!! Becuase as here you’ll also get the Download link of KBC Play Along APK.

So without wasting more time in talk, Let’s check “How To Play KBC Play-Along Game”!!!


First of all, We’ll talk about Jio Play Along Game or JioChat.

About KBC Play Along & Jio Chat App

What is KBC Play Along?

kbc jio play along Process

KBC Play Along is an amazing idea which enables you to play Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) along being communicated on Sony Entertainment Television.

The application will show you the Questions with 4 different options in the form of A/B/C/D. When the Host of KBC means Mr. Amithabh Bachchan will be asked the Question during the Episode, at the same time that question will display on your Mobile’s Display Live.

And it will also show you the same Options that is displayed on the Tv at that time. Now you just need to choose a correct answer and lock it. If your answer will correct then you will move ahead in the game and earn points or Jio KBC play along prizes.

Keep In Mind that one wrong answer can make you out of this difficult game.

Difference Between KBC Play Along & Jio Chat App

I know most of you are confusing between KBC Play Along and Jio Chat App. So, first, I remove your confusion between the Jio Chat App & Play Along.

Basically, Jio Chat is an application which runs on both platforms such as Android as well as iOS. And with the help of this Jio Chat App, you can easily play KBC Live online Game.

Jio Chat App gives you an opportunity to play this game Live during the Show Telecasting on the Sony Tv. So this is the main difference between Jio Chat App and KBC Play Along. Once you download this app on your mobile then you can easily play KBC online along Live on your mobile.

You can win a lot of Prizes and rewards by giving the correct answers of the questions.

Do you want to know more about KBC Play Along like:

  • How To Participate In KBC Through Jio Chat App?
  • What are the prizes & rewards for the KBC Play Along Winner?
  • How To Download KBC Play Along Apk/App?

If yes, then you just need to keep reading this article until the End…

So first of all, we’ll discuss How To Download Jio Chat App and Play KBC Along With Show and win Crores

Quick Guide To Download, Register and Play KBC Online

KBC Jio Play Along

How To Register on Jio Chat App To Play KBC Along With Show

jiochat App

Here below I’ll guide you step by step How To Register for KBC on JioChat App To Play Jio KBC Play Along.

  • First, all you have to Download Jio Chat App from here>>> Android | iPhone (iOS)
  • Now, Open this app on your mobile.
  • Then, enter your Jio Number or ID and complete your Log-in process.
  • Now, click on the “Accept T&C” button and select your preferred language.
  • Then, It will provide you a form in which you have to type your basic information
  • After filling your profile information just click on submit button.
  • Now it will show you an Icon of “KBC”, just click on that to play the KBC game Live Online.
  • That’s It!!! Now you can easily Play Jio Ghar Baitho Jeeto Jackpot at Home with other participants an earn points to win Prizes.

How To Play KBC Play Along Game

Kaun Banega Crorepati Play Along

You can play the Kaun Banega Crorepati Along with other contestants during the Show is playing on Sony TV Channel from Monday to Friday 08:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

So to play Jio Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot with other candidates you just need to follow these simple an easy steps which are given below.

  • Firstly, all you have to open Jio Chat App in your mobile during Monday to Friday (08:30 pm to 9:30 pm).
  • Then, Press the KBC Icon button to participated in KBC Play Along Contest.
  • After participating, you’ll start getting qestions, then you just need to select the correct answer.
  • Then, after selecting your answer just click on”Lock it Down” button to Lock your answer.
  • That’s It!!! If your answer will correct then you’ll go ahead. Otherwise, you lose the game.

Remember Some Important Things Before Playing KBC Play Along:

  • The contestant should have to select the answers in limited time. (You can check the time limit of Question in the table which s given below.)
  • You’ll get points if you give the correct answer. Means, your Points will decide your Prizes & Awards.
  • All these points until the KBC Play Along ends.
  • You’ll get your prizes after ending the contest.
  • Jio KBC Play Along Prizes will be released shortly.
  • If you will be the winner of the Jio KBC Play Along Contest then you’ll get an SMS.

KBC Play Along Q/A Time Limit & Prizes

How Much Time you’ll Get To answer The Question

time limit for Jio Play KBC Along

This is the most important part of the Jio KBC Play Along you should have to see this timing table before playing KBC along. This table will guide you the time limits of the Question which is asked during the Live KBC Show.

So check the table given below to know the Time Limits to give the answer to the questions.

QuestionsTime Limits To Lock Your Final AnswerBrief Information
1 – 530 secondsFrom 1 to 5 Questions you need to give your final answer with in 30 Seconds.
5 – 1060 secondsThen, From 5 to 10 Questions you need to give your final answer with in 60 Seconds.
10-15No Time LimitThere is no time limit for questions 10 to 15.

How To Play Jio KBC 2018 Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot

Only Jio Mobile users can participate in the KBC Play Along Contest. And they can easily play this contest with their home. So here below I’ll tell you how you can Play Jio KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Season 10 2018.

  • In this contest, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan will ask you a Jio GBJJ Question while the KBC show Telecasting.
  • Then, you’ll get 4 options on your screen in the form of A/B/C/D.
  • Now, you just need to send the correct answer to the question via SMS (KBC<space>A/B/C/D to 57666.)
  • Jio users can freely participate in this contest.
  • If you will win the Jio KBC 10 GBJJ Contest then your name will be displayed on the screen in the next Episode.
  • And then, the team of KBC will directly contact you.
  • Daily Winner will win the Datsun Car.

How You Can Calculate Your Points Of  KBC Play Along

To calculate the points of KBC 2018 Play along is not a difficult task for any user. You can easily convert your Rupees into your points with the help of this example given below.

For Example: Suppose if your question is for Rs.5000/- then you’ll get 5 points, on another side if your question is for 7 Crores then you’ll get 70,000 points.

KBC Play Along Prizes

Jio KBC Play Along Prizes

You can win a lot of prizes in the KBC Play Along Contest and the prizes that will receive by the Jio KBC Play along Contest Winner are given below. So just check and participate in Jio KBC App and play KBC 10 Online.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Play Along Prizes:

  • Trip for two family members to America
  • Win a Hero Maestro Edge Scooter.
  • Play and win daily Amazon Vouchers worth lacs
  • Win AJIO Vouchers
  • Get Unlimited Jio Data Packs

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KBC Second Contestant of the week- Somesh Kumar Chuadhary

Hey, guys, here I’ll tell you the KBC 10 second contestant of the week. So, without any further ado!!! Just scroll down and check out the Second Contestant of the KBC 1st week.

So, here is the Second Contestant of the Week i.e. Somesh Kumar Chuadhary. You can check Somesh Kumar Chuadhary Photos, Images, Pics below.

Somesh kumar second contestant of the week

Somesh kumar second contestant of the week

Apart from this, I’ll also tell you the Questions asked from Somesh Kumar Chaudhary!!!!

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